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News | gematik live: All relevant information on KIM for MFA/ZFA available in the recording

On 04.05.2023, gematik, in collaboration with the Association of Medical Professionals e.V. (VmF), informed about KIM (Communication in Healthcare) during the “gematik live: lunch breaks”. Nearly 300 interested parties participated in the online event.

Thomas Jenzen, an expert on KIM at gematik, gave a keynote speech on the topic and was the technical contact for the Q&A session moderated by Hannelore König, President of the VmF.

For those who missed the online session or would like to watch it again, the recording is now available at the following link:

In collaboration with the Association of Medical Professionals e.V., gematik invites you to another informational meeting for MFA/ZFA & friends: On 25.05.2023, the focus will be on the e-prescription in home care.

Here’s the registration link:


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