Goals & Visions

To put digitalization in the service of patients

What drives us:


The intention of the Bayerische TelemedAllianz is to position itself as an interdisciplinary network interface in the field of medical telematics. The aim is to provide solutions, concrete insights and help for the practice of patient care in the clinics and doctor’s offices. Topics are future regulations and standardization, technology options and infrastructures, new social and political framework conditions as well as pricing and financing forms for new telematics services. To realise these goals the BTA  deals multidimensionally and beyond the blockades of current disputes with physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other Allied health professions.

Our Content goals at a glance:

  • Improved patient care
  • Processing technical and infrastructure key issues in the field of patient care in cooperation with physicians and Allied health professions
  • Addressing challenges of future regulation and standardization in the health telematics sector in patient care
  • Financing models consultation for telematic services
  • Investigation of economic, ecological and social challenges of telematic services
  • Improvement of social and political conditions for the use and acceptance of telemedicine