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Knowing and handling digital healthcare solutions requires expertise from all healthcare professionals – from physicians to healthcare professionals, nurses and therapists, payers and service providers. In order to be able to develop understanding for digital applications and processes as well as to be able to deal with them adequately, the acquisition of such competences plays an essential role.

As can be seen from the media over and over again, Germany lags behind in digitization in many areas. This also applies to the training of digital skills. For example, health telematics has so far been firmly anchored neither in academic teaching nor in the continuing education and training sector. That is why the Bayerische TelemedAllianz has been pursuing the goal of education and knowledge transfer in the fields of health telematics, eHealth and telemedicine ever since its founding.

Especially for this purpose the Akademie.Telemedizin.Bayern was launched. It is intended to increase acceptance of these topics so that everyone can benefit from the manifold potential of digitization in the healthcare sector. The Academy consists of a practical and a theoretical component:


The Lehrgang.Gesundheitstelematik.
  was developed together with experts and scene connoisseurs. As an independent basic course, it provides relevant knowledge about health telematics and eHealth to a broad target group, thus creating the basis for a new generation of digitization practitioners.


In the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern , visitors have the opportunity to experience real live settings of various telemedical applications live and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technical innovations.