Telematics infrastructure

The aim of creating the Telematics Infrastructure (TI), a digital platform for data exchange, is to connect all healthcare stakeholders for faster, safer and easier exchange of patient-related and treatment-relevant medical information.

Due to the lack of available certified technical equipment, the binding deadline for linking providers to TI set in the E-Health Act in 2015 was postponed to 31 December 2018. The first application of the step-by-step implementation of TI is Insured Master Data Management (VSDM), i. H. the automatic online examination of the master data provided on the health card.

In a financing agreement between the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) and the GKV-Spitzenverband it was determined that the financing of the initial equipment and the current operation of the health insurance funds. The reimbursement consists of a starter fee and a quarterly reimbursement amount. More detailed information can be found in the financing agreement:

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Telemedicine Projects in Bavaria

Telemedicine in Bavaria is no longer a distant vision of the future, but is now a reality in the Bavarian healthcare system. Particularly in the area of stroke care, several networks have successfully established themselves in recent years, finding many imitators nationwide.

However, telemedical stroke care is just one example of the successful implementation of telemedicine in Bavaria. In addition to this, there is a whole range of promising projects that cover a broad spectrum of medical treatment and care options.

For a simple and intuitive overview, we have categorized and structured the Bavarian projects into different categories.

An overview of Bavarian telemedicine projects is provided in our publication Spectrum_Telemedicine_Bavaria.

MeDiLand – Digital Medicine to Improve Rural Healthcare

Telemedicine in Rural Healthcare

The demographics of rural regions, i.e., more elderly people with limited nursing and medical resources, lead to increased strain on patients, relatives, and staff. Telemedicine offers a solution for managing these challenges and helps to minimize the strain on everyone involved…

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