eHealth to touch and try out

Networking, efficiency and security are important elements in all areas of medical care and will become even more important in the future. Be it in patient care, appointment or documentation management, emergency care or in the care of chronically ill patients – in any case, information must be accurate, quickly transferable and safely accessible from anywhere. One possible solution is the targeted use of health telematics and eHealth. We would like to demonstrate to you, your team and those interested in your field of work, which areas of application and possibilities telemedicine offers in practice in the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern.

model view

In the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern visitors get a practical insight into the functioning of telemedical process chains, applications and telemedicine devices. For the

demonstration of different application examples, realistic settings were simulated in the showroom in order to create the necessary practical relevance.

These are the environments :

• Medical practice
• Home
• Clinic
• Outpatient and inpatient care / rehabilitation
• Pharmacy
• Emergency service
• Telemedical service center

As part of the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern we offer telemedicine workshops , which include a theoretical basis as well as a specific, setting-related leadership.

In addition to the practice-oriented workshops in the showroom, we offer the premises, in particular the seminar room for external use. Are you planning product and employee training, working group or group meetings? Then the Shworoom.Telemedizin.Bayern is perhaps the perfect place for that.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern !

For further questions or to make an appointment, the Bayerische TelemedAllianz team is at your disposal.

Here you will find the directions to the Showroom.Telemedizin.Bayern