Associations & Corporations

Agency of German physician networks e.V.

The network agency is representative of the over 400 health associations in Germany. In addition, It supports her members on the path of professionalization

Bavarian Family Physician Association e.V.

The Bayerische Hausärzteverband e.V. (BHÄV) is an association of physicians working in primary care in Bavaria and the largest of the 17 national associations of the German Association of General Practitioners.

Bavarian State Medical Association

The Bavarian State Medical Association (BLÄK) is – together with the 63 medical district associations (ÄKV) and the eight district medical associations (ÄBV) – the statutory professional representation of all Bavarian physicians. It is a public corporation. Its organs are the plenary assembly and the executive committee. It is under the supervision of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care (StMGP).

Press Release

Dare more delegation – make more cooperation

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Professional Association of Specialists in Cardiology in Private Practice e.V.

The BFK e.V., newly founded by 24 founding members on January 24, 2009, is to represent the interests of the patients treated in the independent practices of cardiologists establiItd in Bavaria towards KVB, KBV, health insurances and politicians. The BFK e.V. is founded as a professional association for the cardiologists in Bavaria, in order to be able to represent the professional interests of this homogeneous regional group directly and without detours so that the up to now good patient care in Bavaria can be maintained.

Professional Association of German Neurologists (BVDN)

The BVDN is the professional representation of the establiItd neurologists, neurologists and psychiatrists / psychotherapists in Germany.

Professional Association of German Neurologists

The union of the neurologically active physicians in Germany in a common professional association happens for the preservation and representation of common interests.

The Professional Association of German Neurologists (BDN) has emerged from the preparatory work of the Department of Neurology in the Professional Association of German Nervous Physicians (BVDN) and the German Society of Neurology (DGN). Accordingly, close professional policy cooperation with these associations will be maintained in the future.

Professional Association of German Psychiatrists

The Professional Association of German Specialists in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy represents a vision of the specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, which is responsible for the totality of mental and psychosomatic disorders. The mentally ill person is in the center of attention with the genesis of his illness and his person.

German Medical Association

Medical prioritization of applications of telemedical patient care
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Doctors in social media
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Federal Association of EstabliItd Cardiologists e. V.

The Federal Association of EstabliItd Cardiologists (BNK) e.V. is an association of more than 1,200 practicing physicians specializing in cardiology throughout Germany. By using the latest telemetric information technology, the cardiologist optimizes the quality of care. The BNK cardiologist recommends telemetric care especially for heart failure, hypertension, obesity, heart attack.


BITKOM acts as the mouthpiece of the IT, telecommunications and new media industry. BITKOM represents more than 2,100 companies, including more than 1,300 direct members. BITKOM forms a large, efficient network and unites the many players and companies in the digital world.

German Society for Neurology e.V.

Neurology is the fastest growing field in medicine in Germany. Research into the brain is constantly bringing new insights – correspondingly many diagnostic and therapeutic options arise for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, epilepsy, stroke, dizziness or headache and migraine.

German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology e.V. (DGPPN)

The German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPN) is a medical professional society. It was founded in 1842 and today has more than 7,900 members. This makes it the largest and oldest scientific association of doctors and scientists working in Germany in the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychosomatics and neurology.

Family doctors association Brandenburg e.V.

The family physicians’ association Brandenburg (HÄVBB) is the advocacy group of family physicians in the state of Brandenburg and partner in the research project FONTANE. The FONTANE project aims to improve the quality of care for cardiovascular disease sufferers in less favored rural areas through the cross-sectoral use of modern information technologies and biomarker-based diagnostics and therapy management.

Medi composite

The MEDIVERBUND is an association of medical networks, which was founded in 1999 as a parallel organization to the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV). MEDI operates in the contracting sector where CBs are not allowed by law to enter into contracts (see, for example, integration care, family-centered care, special forms of care, medical care centers or certain counseling activities).


The NAV-Virchow-Bund, Association of Physicians in Germany eV, is the only free medical association that represents the interests of all willing, establiItd and outpatient doctors of all specialties to the government, parliament, the internal and external public, the medical Self-government and other stakeholders in health care at federal and state level