Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) refers to concepts and structures that combine technologies and the social environment. Especially older groups of people are addressed with AAL in order to significantly improve their quality of life.

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Baymatik Baymatik is the Bavarian model region Telematics, which tests and coordinates the introduction of the electronic health card in the model region Ingolstadt.

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e-Health Electronic Health (eHealth) is a timely term that describes the use of electronic resources in healthcare. Emphasis will be placed on better interaction between patients and healthcare providers, on secure communication and the secure exchange of medical data among themselves and on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Since there is no clear translation of e-health into German, the concept of health telematics has prevailed.

case file (EFA)

An EFA contains all the documents and medical information that exists for a specific medical illness of a patient. This form of the file is led by the doctor.
electronic professional card (eBA) See electronic health professional card
electronic health

record (EGA)

An electronic health record is maintained by the patient himself and includes all documents that the patient provides in this form of the file.
electronic health card (eGK) In addition to a photograph, the electronic health card also contains the usual personal data such as the old health insurance card previously. However, in the future, this card will serve the secure exchange of patient medical data and become part of the telematics infrastructure.
Electronic patient record (EPA) An Electronic Patient Record contains all the documents and medical information that are available about the patient’s entire medical history. This form of the file is led by the doctor.
Electronic signature (eSignature) The electronic signature is the electronic signature with which the authenticity of a transmitted message can be checked.
Electronic doctor’s letter (eRecruitment letter) In an electronic doctor’s letter doctors can transmit digital findings, patient reports and possibly image sequences electronically.
Electronic health professional card (eHBA) The electronic health professional card is a personal card and contains a clear identification of the health professional, the period of validity and a photo.
Electronic health care
register (eGBR)
The electronic health professional register coordinates the registration and distribution of electronic health professional cards.
Electronic recipe (eRezept) The electronic prescription is the digital transmission of medical prescriptions, eg to avoid double prescriptions or contraindications with other medications.
gematik The gematik (Gesellschaft für Telematikwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH) coordinates the introduction of the electronic health card and the associated development of a telematics infrastructure.

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Health telematics see e-Health
Homecare Homecare represents a comprehensive form of care that is geared towards the individual needs of people in medical, nursing, social and rehabilitative measures and works in accordance with the principle of outpatient inpatient.
IHE IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an initiative of users and manufacturers to standardize and harmonize data exchange between healthcare IT systems.

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information system Healthcare information systems manage patient data, case data and master data and are the central control unit of a healthcare facility.
Integrated health


In integrated health care, patients are quality-assured and provided with cross-sectoral or interdisciplinary networked structures. Doctors, specialists, hospitals, prevention and rehabclinics and other providers of services that are entitled to care for the insured persons can cooperate and ensure the necessary exchange of knowledge. For this purpose, health insurance companies conclude corresponding contracts with service providers.
CHEESE The Clinical Workstation System (KAS) is a subsystem of a HIS and is often used directly on wards in the hospital.
KIS A hospital information system (HIS) manages all medical and administrative data within a hospital and represents the entirety of all information processing systems.
PVS Practice Management Software (PVS) is used in medical practices to manage patient data.
Teleconsultation Teleconsultation is the consultation between two or more physicians on the diagnostic and therapeutic approach in the treatment of a specific case of illness using modern telematics.


The telematics infrastructure connects IT systems from doctors’ practices, pharmacies, hospitals and health insurance funds, thus enabling a cross-system exchange of information.
Telemedicine Telemedicine combines diagnostics and therapy, bridging a spatial or temporal distance between doctor, therapist and patient.
Telemonitoring Telemonitoring is the remote examination, diagnosis and monitoring of the patient by his doctor.
Telerehabilitation Telerehabilitation is a special form of teletherapy. It may take place as an adjunct or following an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation measure.
Teletherapy Teletherapy understands the delivery of therapy through the support of modern technology without losing control of the therapist.