Legal and financing

In this subcategory you will find an overview of essential legal standards relevant to telemedicine. In addition, you will learn basic information about billing or financing possibilities of telemedical services.

E-Health Act

The “Law on Secure Digital Communications and Applications in Health Care (E-Health Law)” contains a roadmap for the introduction of a digital infrastructure with the highest security standards and the introduction of beneficial applications on the electronic health card.

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The “Law for Secure Digital Communications and Applications in Health Care and the Amending of Additional Laws” was publiItd on December 28, 2015 in the Federal Law Gazette.

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First telemedical services in the standard care billable

Since April 2016, physicians in private practice have been able to charge for telemedicine services according to the uniform assessment standard (EBM). Specifically, it involves the telemedical monitoring of patients with a defibrillator or CRT system.

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Prof. Dr. Siegfried Jedamzik, Managing Director of Bayerische TelemedAllianz, is pleased with the decision of the Extended Assessment Board (EBA), but sees great need for action. “Numerous telemedicine services have already proven to be a valuable supplement to care in pilot projects,” says Jedamzik. “I hope that this will be appreciated in a timely manner and that telemedicine services will become an integral part of the EBM.”

Additional telemedicine service in the standard care: the online video consultation

Since April 1, 2017, the online video meeting hours can be conducted and billed according to the standard evaluation standard (EBM). Certified video service providers ensure the technical process so that doctors can remotely call their patients via screen telephony. explain a therapy or examine a wound. Initially, use is limited to specific physician groups and indications.

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