Below we present a selection of health insurance companies that offer their insured telemedical care programs. The overview does not claim to be complete; We are happy to supplement you with additional health insurance or benefits.


Heart failure : One of the most common causes of death in Germany. About two million people suffer from this condition (also known as heart failure), which is a diminished pumping function of the heart. With the CorBene treatment program and the associated high quality of medical treatment, Audi BKK helps the patient to increase the performance and resilience of the heart.



For questions about health, medicines or therapies, the Barmer GEK Teledoktor helps! The medical experts of the Barmer GEK answer questions 24 hours a day. Qualified medical advice by phone or by e-mail. Medical specialist teams with experienced specialists and general practitioners answer questions quickly and competently on all health topics. Freephone number 0800 3333 500. The Barmer GEK Teledoktor always has consultation hours and no waiting times. 7 days a week, around the clock.


Structured treatment programs for chronically ill patients tailored to specific clinical conditions are content of BKK MedPlus DMP . DMP stands for disease management programs and was developed by physicians and scientists to ensure improved and comprehensive medical care. The program provides u. a. ensuring that all professionals critical to treatment work together optimally and that patients are treated according to the latest scientific standards.


Action days, lectures, workshops. Telemedical

innovations such as telemedical video surveillance were used to inform interested parties. The fourth workshop was “Fit and Active despite Parkinson’s” in physical therapy.


Telemedical care reduces stroke risk Since June 2014, DAK-Gesundheit is the first health insurance company in Germany to offer patients with heart problems an early warning system for strokes. The ambulatory implantation of a BioMonitor and the subsequent home monitoring records the heart activity permanently. In case of irregularities, the treating cardiologist receives an immediate alarm. Timely therapies can reduce the likelihood of further strokes by more than 50 percent.



Debeka and AnyCare launch new care program for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Currently, around six million people in Germany suffer from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, which is characterized by coughing, increased sputum and respiratory distress – and the trend is rising. For patients, the diagnosis means a change in lifestyle. In addition to their medical care, Debeka supports their insureds with the help of the AnyCare telephone care program “ProMed COPD” in dealing with the new situation.



The case of the cases occurs: acute heart complaints such as heart piercing, tachycardia, chest pressure or tightness. And then? Fear, panic – because you want a competent partner, who knows how to assess the situation correctly and with helpful tips reassuringly to the side.

Our partner in the Paxiva care program is SHL Telemedicine. The company specializes in the implementation of telemedicine care programs and is there for you around the clock.



HEK aims to improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients through telemedicine . In addition to the video-based therapy, insured persons should be provided with more efficient care, especially with medication, and hospital stays reduced. A matter of course for many people, the patient should be made possible again here: a largely independent lifestyle.


Since the beginning of July 2013, Heimat Krankenkasse offers its insured persons direct telephone contact to specialist doctors – the new doctors’ telephone is in operation 24 hours a day. With immediate effect, members of the Bielefelder Betriebskrankenkasse can be connected directly to a (specialist) doctor in almost all medical questions at the telephone number 0800 1060109.


The IKK classic has developed a telemedical care program for heart failure in cooperation with AnyCare GmbH, an experienced healthcare provider. It is intended as a supplement to the medical care and helps the patient to cope better with the disease and to become safer in the daily handling of it.


IKK Nord has been offering telemedicine care for its cardiac patients for seven years, which should provide a piece of security. Also, with this technical support, unnecessary hospitalization can be avoided.


For insured persons with chronic heart failure, IKK Südwest and SHL Telemedizin are offering the integrated care program IKK Herzstark. As part of IKK Herzstark, an experienced team of doctors and nursing staff is available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, at the telemedicine center of SHL Telemedicine, in addition to your attending physicians. In addition, depending on your needs, you will receive various, easy-to-use measuring devices with which you can regularly transmit your current values ​​and vital signs to SHL Telemedicine. Goal of IKK Herzstark is to optimize your treatment and to provide complete medical care. In this way you get more security in dealing with your illness, greater freedom of movement and thus a higher quality of life.


The program offer of the R + V Betriebskrankenkasse includes the “Integrated Telemedicine Care“.
Target group are insured persons with:
• Coronary heart disease (eg insured after PTCA with or without stent or after bypass surgery)
• arrhythmia (eg with unclear tachycardiac arrhythmia)
• Chronic heart failure (heart failure NYHA stages II – IV).


For a life without stuttering – teletherapy stuttering

Teletherapy over the Internet helps people 13 and over to learn to speak fluently. The world’s first online therapy for stuttering people won the 2015 Medical Management Award

Together with the Institute of Kassel Stutter Therapy, the TK has developed an online concept based on the principle of “fluency shaping”. Patients can use the therapy from the comfort of their own home via an online platform.