BTA Projects

 Own projects and products

EHealth the concepts from health telematics is very much in demand in academic teaching, professional development, and also in training occupations. Together with well-known carriers, we offer certified continuing education courses nationwide as an eLearning course.
How telemedicine is used in medical-therapeutic everyday life can be seen in the showroom on the basis of realistic scenarios. Visitors experience various emergency situations, outpatient and inpatient care, and also the use of telemedicine technologies in rehab, in the care sector as well as in one’s own home.
Up-to-date information and videos on eHealth and telemedicine as well as other areas of health care can be found in a concise and condensed form on the website – the central information and service platform for all those interested in health issues, patients, physicians or health care providers.
The “Bavarian Day of Telemedicine (BTT)” conference initiated by us has meanwhile establiItd itself as the largest telemedicine congress in southern Germany. He is expert meeting and information exchange alike. Doctors and representatives of all sectors of the health care system, from politics and industry, inform themselves there and discuss current trends, developments and the latest telemedical technologies.
The project SPeed – “Cross-sectoral care records for efficient and effective nursing documentation and care” enables better intersectoral cooperation. The networking of inpatient facilities, such as nursing homes and nursing homes, with physicians in private practice aims to improve the medical care of patients in need of care. The project is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Nursing.